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Behsaz Behniko Caspian Company (Behsaz Nirokar Negin Caspian) has started its activity in the form of a technical and commercial group at the end of 2015.

In this company, we made it our goal to focus on an issue that we believe in and we intend to improve the electricity consumption situation with the help of the subscribers of the distribution company.

Behnico’s plan is to cooperate sincerely with customers to improve the status and quality of electricity consumption and solve the problems of capacitor banks using the company’s new systems.

Behsaz Nirokar Negin Caspian Company (Behnico) has registered and started its official activity on 3/6/1397 with registration number 7599 in the General Directorate of Registration of Companies and Non-Commercial Institutions.

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مدیر داخلی

Content production photographer and videographer

Editing content production


Electronics and programmer

Mobin Ebrahimi



Electronics designer

Abron engineer


Poriya Faridi

technical, production

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